"I believe that the highest ambition for a photograph is to end up in a family album," says Ferdinando Scianna. From a photo you can arise memories, emotions, sensations, to move within us thoughts dormant. Roland Barthes tells it well looking at the printed photo of his mother. The album is a kind of drawer of our memory, embodies all that is, is a huge database of our past, is what remains of what was'. Often you cry, complain, blush, be angry, rekindle hope turning the pages of an album. The quintessential album of family is certainly the wedding albums, culmination of two different lives and the starting point of a new family. Could be the first volume of the encyclopedia of a new life to which you will add those characterizing the future path together. A tradition but that is likely to disappear.

All albums that you see in this section are made in Italy and handmade by skilled craftsmen. Some were designed by me and therefore are an EXCLUSIVE of my Studio. All albums can be personalized in the colors of the leather or in the tissues.