Black and white photography is not simply the world without color, but it is a way of observing what surrounds us with different eyes, it is a way of thinking. With black and white you get to the essentials, someone wrote that it brings out the soul of things. Certainly it has the ability to grasp, in the shades of gray, the character of a person, to express the essence of a place through the play of lights and shadows that draw a landscape, or to stop for a moment helping us to extract a message going beyond the coverage and color distraction. Black and white, in my opinion, has the ability to detract from the shutter speed.

Giacomelli - a great photographer from Romagna (center of Italy) - said that taking pictures is an easy thing, you just need something to say. Here, telling in black and white is even more difficult, at least from the point of view of the message, because you don't have the color palette behind it to come to your rescue. The beautiful warm light of a sunset is also engaging if you are photographing something as obvious as the silhouette of a palm tree while the solar disk is disappearing on the horizon with a fishing boat in the background. If we did the same shot in black and white we will immediately realize how 'poor' this photograph is, especially in telling.

Oops, maybe this is not the place to explore the theme of black and white - I got carried away and I apologize - but to tell a wedding by removing the color from the photographs considers a different approach. I'm not saying that one way is more difficult or easier than the other, just that mentally you have to prepare yourself with special attention.

First of all, a warm 'congratulations' to Stefania and Nicola who, challenging the masks and limitations caused by Covid-19, have nevertheless decided to get married and celebrate their wedding. And then some technical considerations. The cloudy sky, the wet ground as the couple moved around Florence, the small number of guests that limited the interactions between the couple and their relatives, getting married in Palazzo Vecchio, Townhall of Florence, which is certainly very beautiful - the so-called Red Room where weddings are celebrated is full of purple velvets and golden stuccoes - but it is not the nave of a church rich of flowers decors, they are all elements that made me 'see' this photo shoot in black and white (obviously the bride and groom received the I also work in color). “Thanks” - with all the appropriate quotes - to the particular period in which it was done, walking in a practically empty Florence allowed me to take unusual photographs for those who know the city of Florence under normal conditions.

A wedding photo shoot in which shooting in black and white, in my opinion, gave a particular and elegant mood to this event.