Biography of Wedding and Travel Photographer Edoardo Agresti

Edoardo Agresti

Born in Florence, Edoardo inherited his father’s passion for travel and for photography so much so it became his profession. Edoardo’s travels began at the age of 9 (he has travelled on more than 130 expeditions all over the world) and has allowed him to develop a special sensitivity in his mind and heart allowing him to grasp reality in all its beauty and depth.

His photography is reportage - whether it be a trip, a wedding or a backstage event. His meetings with important international photographers has allowed him to grow and learn to photograph in relation to his subject. The advice and teachings of Steve McCurry on the study of light were valuable lessons and left an indelible mark on his way to shoot photography. For the last several years, Edoardo’s photography has been undergoing a new change under the influence of new photographers such as Paolo Pellegrin and his ways of telling stories, Ackerman and Sobol for their perception of reality.

Edoardo is a member of important international associations: Wedding Photojournalistic Association, Artistic Guild WPJA, ISPWP and World's Best Wedding Photo. These associations are some of the most important associations that welcome American and British photographers after careful screening and only select the best international photographers that shoot wedding photography in reportage style.

Edoardo has also participated in reportage photography and wedding photography in numerous events, seminars and workshops in Italy, he was invited as a speaker in Spain and in Brazil in some of the most important conventions on wedding photography in the world.

Edoardo and his team of wedding photographers have been requested all over the world by the most important international wedding planners: Perth (Australia), St. Petersburg (Russia), New Orleans, New York, Bozeman (USA), Puerto Vallarda (Mexico), London, Brighton, Oxford (UK), Paris (France), Lagos (Nigeria), Edinburgh (Scotland) and others.


Awards and accolades

Photojournalism and documentary
Over the past 10 years he has received numerous awards in wedding photography and travel reportage. Among the most important are: the first prize in the category People in the UK contest Black and White Spider, winner of the National Geographic Contest, first place in the Masters Cup Color American; first place in Photojournalism category at International Color Awardssilver medal in One Eyeland Photography contest and honorable mentions in the IPA (Lucie Awards) in the sections' feature essay 'and' wedding 'and the Royal Geographic Society in TPOYWinner of SIPA Siena International Contest and one of the four Honarable Mentions in Human World - Photography competition. In 2024, winner of Internationa Photography Award Città di Latina.

In 2019 he joined the team of photographers of the National Geographic Expedition.

Edoardo Agresti was elected 3 times as "Photographer of the Year" by the National Association of wedding photographers He was elected POY - Photographer Of the Year - by the American Association AGWPJA, Edoardo entered the list of the most important 50 wedding photographers in the world by the prestigious Association Junebug. In 2022 enters to be part of the prestigious World's Best Wedding Photo association.

Edoardo has been selected to be one of the international judges in the most important chinese photographic festival CPA.

First prize for 'Wedding album (single photographer)' at WPPI annual contest in Las Vegas

First runner as POY in AgWPJA, one of the most important american wedding associations.


Studio Crea and books

Over the years I have created a very special team of photographers. All the people you see here are photographers who have been my assistants over time in many photographic services and from hard work, advice, anger and mutual respect have officially entered in EAStudio.
They are a team of highly selected individuals that allows you to keep the 'Agresti’  style without necessarily my presence. They are all  major professional photographers with a philosophy linked to the concept of marriage in full harmony with mine. Each with its own personality yet  blending in well with my vision of the shot. Persons for whom you can trust.

In 2001 is issued his first photo book “Viaggiando l’Africa” and in 2007 teh second one: “AFRIASIA”, with more than 80 photos regards 7 years of travelling around the world. The publishing house is Polaris In 2021 is issued by Nikon and Corriere della Sera the volume regarding Black and White photography and his last book, The Photography and the Gin Tonic art, by Polaris (text only in italian language). In 2022 is issued by Nikon and Corriere della Sera the volume regarding 'Decisive moments' photography.