Marettimo is a silent island for many months of the year. There is not much to have fun according to the common logic that associates the idea of ​​nightlife with fun. There are no discos, beaches equipped with umbrellas and loud music. The accommodation facilities are quite basic, there are no luxury hotels with SPA and massage centers. There are no tennis courts or facilities for group sports. So why decide to get married in Marettimo? Well for all the reasons I have listed. Obviously the couple must be in tune with the idea of ​​a 'different' marriage otherwise there are always other realities in Italy that offer services more in line with their needs.

I lived the island experience first as a guest and only then as a photographer. Marettimo enters your heart and I thank the couple for choosing me as their photographer. The island welcomes you as well as their people. You find the house keys hanging on the doors, everyone speaks you and if you arrive with a local or known person you are immediately greeted as an old friend.

Despite its simplicity, the wedding was unique as it rarely happens. Often we remain conditioned by stereotypes and risk conforming to something already seen. Barbecue with friends the day before. Breakfast at the port on the morning of the wedding and then everyone to get ready. Informal clothing with the groom in short pants and the bride in a beautiful white gypsy dress (maybe I should say tanghera being the spouses of the experienced tango dancers). Not many guests but true friends who shared the couple's wedding with true feelings. The exchange of rings and wedding vows on the quay of the old port. Photographs of a couple walking in the village with the blue green sea and white houses in the background. The wedding reception venue in a restaurant overlooking the only square in the town. Menu based on fish cooked in a divine way and dancing from the moment you enter the room. In short, a day experienced by everyone as a real party.

Marettimo, according to the English historian Butler, is Ithaca, the island of Ulysses. Perhaps the mermaids whose song it was impossible to resist were not so much mythological figures but the call of an uncontaminated nature with transparent waters, rich in fish surrounded by mountains that recall the northern Dolomites.

The couples who decide to get married in Marettimo can be counted on the fingers of one hand and I was lucky enough to be the photographer and live one of them.

Wedding photographer: Edoardo Agresti
Wedding videographer: Francesco Siro - Trapani
Reception venue: Il Veliero - Marettimo
Wedding planner: Nicolò Noto - Marettimo
Wedding florist: Astrid Di Pasquale - Trapani
Wedding Music: Salvatore - Marettimo
Wedding dressElena Cappelli - Genova