Laura and Jordan have known each other for years and have finally decided to get married. The location chosen for the wedding is incredibly beautiful, we are in Castelletto sopra Ticino, right where the river flows into Lake Maggiore. The day begins early with the preparation of the bride in an elegant atelier in Legnano, a frugal lunch with friends and relatives and then the arrival of the bridal bouquet and wedding dress. In the afternoon, the outdoor wedding ceremony in the splendid Jardin a Vivre garden. The marriage rite is celebrated in a very intimate way and a strong emotion involves spouses, friends and parents.
'One evening almost 11 years ago, two perfect strangers with completely different passions meet, almost by chance, in a Latin American dance club. Jordan is a dance teacher, Laura has only ever seen dance on television. Throughout the evening, he tries to make her dance, but without success, so he understands that sitting in front of her with a cocktail in hand would have been better. You know, alcohol often makes everything easier. Between one chat and another they discover common interests and decide to meet again. After a few appointments, and very long night phone calls spent talking about this and that, they realize that their story was getting more serious than they thought. These are the words of the celebrant.'
The leitmotif of the wedding is the photographic reportage, typical of my approach to wedding photography, but without disdaining some portraits of the couple in the park behind the central body of the building that will host the dinner. The guests enjoy the rich appetizer buffet and then, with the first light of the evening, take their seats at the imperial table very well decorated with flowers, candles and a rich 'cascade' of lights.
The after dinner developed with the cutting of the cake, a fantastic tasting of chocolate, rum and Cohiba, Bolivar and Montecristo cigars and then continued with dancing until late at night.
Wedding staff:
Wedding photographer: Edoardo Agresti and assistants
Catering and wedding location: Jardin a Vivre
Bride's make-up and hair: Tiziano Beauty Designer - Legnano - MI