An incredible and luxurious Jewish wedding started two days before with a 'rehersal dinner' in the Hotel Villa Cora in Florence and celebrated in the garden of the splendid location of Villa di Maiano, on the hills of Fiesole, just 5 minutes drive from Florence. From the preparation of the bride and groom with their respective bride's maids and ushers up to a night ride for an incredibly empty Florence. The wedding ceremony took place under a splendid and typical Jewish flower chuppah from which one could see Brunelleschi's dome, one of the symbols of Florence. Aperitif in the Italian garden of Villa di Maiano and reception in the garden. A fantastic English band of 12 elements made the groom, the bride and all the wedding guests dance until late at night, starting from the hora, the typical Jewish dance. Then the evening continued with the DJ in the Villa di Maiano's lemon house preceded by a beautiful fireworks show. The wedding photographs, those of the couple, were taken during the sunset time when a warm and soft light enveloped the groom and the bride. The photo shooting session was in a reportage and photojournalistic style with spontaneous photography, slightly vintage in color correction.

Wedding staff:
Wedding photographer: Edoardo Agresti and assistants
Wedding videographer: Nicola Cipriani and assistants
Wedding catering: Galateo Ricevimenti - Florence
Wedding planner: GSP Events - London
Lights and sound of marriage: Alma Project - Florence
Wedding Florists: Jardin Divers - Florence
Wedding music and vocal band: Club Live - London
Location getting ready: Villa Cora - Florence
Wedding venue: Villa di Maiano - Florence